New Cosmic Crisp Breed of Apples Makes News with Yearlong Longevity Claim

New Cosmic Crisp Breed of Apples Makes News with Yearlong Longevity Claim


How long do you store fruits and veggies in the refrigerator? Based on the climate and device you have, it may vary from a few days to a week. However, a new breed of Apple has been created, which is said to have a yearlong lifespan. That sounds almost incredible, but the new species of Apple, which was developed over a span of 2 decades, has a record-breaking lifespan- claim the creators. The apple species has been named Cosmic Crisp, and earlier, it was called WA38. The fruit has bright yellowish dots, and those resemble the cosmic stars. The fruit is expected to hit the US grocery stores pretty soon. The fruit tree breeding program made it off the Washington State University. Kate Evans led the breeding program.

After spending decades in cross-pollinating and extensive testing, the Cosmic Crisp species was made. The texture and taste of the apple will win the consumers- hopes the cultivators. It was made through a process known as cross-hybridization. It is not like genetic modification. It was a result of mixing the two breeds- Honeycrisp and Enterprise. The benefit is the new bred has got naturally sweet flavor while getting longer shelf life too. Enterprise apples are known for their enhanced resistance to disease and browning, and Honeycrisp has a sweet taste. It is more acidic, and so does not wither quickly.

The apple’s launch comes at the cost of approx. $10 million, and nearly 450,000 boxes were shipped. Almost 600,000 Cosmic Crisp trees got sold to the farmers two years back, and since then, almost 10 million new trees got planted. The trees need three years to reach the matured stage to yield a crop. While this will be beneficial for the Apple growers overall, the farmers will have to wait for two years or so to experience the financial gains. For the next decade, only the Washington farmers will be able to grow it. Apples happen to be 2nd biggest selling US fruit.

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