Google’s smart speaker shipment fell off to 12% in the third quarter

Google’s smart speaker shipment fell off to 12% in the third quarter


Google’s share of the smart speakers fell off the cliff to 12% in the third quarter. The majority of people purchased a new smart speaker from Amazon during the quarter. Amazon’s market share grew to 70% compared to its share from 2018. According to Canalys, Amazon sold 10.4 million smart speakers during its prime day and back-to-school shopping campaign. Alibaba is at the second rank of the report. They sold 4 million smart speakers during the quarter. Hence, they successfully marked the second position in the report. Chinese brand Baidu pushed google to the fourth position by making their way up at the third position in the report.

According to reports, no one wants to buy Google smart speakers anymore. Only Google underwent a major decline in shipments from 2018. Xiomi is at the fifth rank in the chart of smart speaker shipment. However, Xiomi’s smart speaker shipment went from 1.9 million to 3.4 million this year. The major drop-down of google smart speaker shipment made them seek more partnerships to drive their sales. Now Google is building partnerships with Spotify and some other channels to increase its market share of smart speakers. Canalys senior analyst Jason Low said that even Alibaba is collaborating with brands like Starbucks for the sake of smart speaker shipments.

On a similar note, the shipments of smart display grew massively during the quarter. Amazon is hoping to expand its smart display sale during this year’s holiday shopping. Amazon is making fierce competition with the massive sale of its smart devices. Its $25 flex will be Amazon’s significant device release this year. The device has Alexa inbuilt and USB ports to connect the motion sensors and nightlight. Flex is a tiny device with minimal features. However, users can hear Alexa clearly across the room. Flex will help Amazon’s echo system reach wider areas at home. Amazon certainly is making a massive shipment of smart devices. Google is behind Amazon in the delivery of smart displays during the third quarter.

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