CDC Reports Increased Flu Activity Across the US Along with 3.7 Million Illness Cases

CDC Reports Increased Flu Activity Across the US Along with 3.7 Million Illness Cases


The flu season continues to strike southern states as influenza starts to spread across the U.S. Notably, health officials have reported a higher activity in around every state. On Friday, the US CDC has announced extensive flu activity in about 30 states. The list of affected areas mainly includes regions along the southern border, mostly on the West Coast and in the Mid-Atlantic states. Even more, the latest reports from the CDC have confirmed over 3.5 million flu cases in the current season. Among the overall number of patients, more than 31,000 people have been admitted to the hospital. So far, around 2,000 people have died, which also includes up to 20 children.

Besides this, the CDC says, usually, the type B influenza virus or Victoria viruses result in an elevated activity. As per the health agency, it is strange to see such high-level flu activity this season. The CDC notes that after influenza, the A (Swine Flu) virus is another most widespread virus. Notably, it is rising proportionately as compared to other influenza bugs in some regions. Until 20th December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that around 19 states are facing extensively higher levels of flu activity. Reportedly, the reports that 19 states are experiencing high rates of flu activity.

Puerto Rico is one of the profoundly affected areas. Apart from this, the list of the moderately-affected regions consists of six states. Meanwhile, ten states have reported low rates of flu activity. On the other hand, the CDC is encouraging people for immunization by saying that it is never too late for a vaccine. According to the CDC, the flu vaccine is the all-time best measure to combat flu and likely serious problems. The agency added more than 90% of flu strains screened this season are probably related to a group of four influenza antiviral drugs approved by the FDA. All in all, the flu season of the year has affected over four million people, and the US is suffering elevated levels of disease.

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