Antonio Brief Burst of Jubilation is Allowed

Despite or in addition to his proverbial cordiality greets crashing back to back, as he says they do in his union so as not to lose physical contact despite the virus.

Arias is on guard. The headline of his conversation with Europa Press, referring to his problems with justice- “I have been lucky in my career and some karma will have to be paid”.

she has been so upset that her representative has threatened to cancel this interview and, in the end, it is held with her present and supervising her words. The represented does not shy away from question.

He simply goes through other hills Before we sit down, he receives good news on the phone, the rights to a long-awaited play, and a brief burst of jubilation is allowed.

Even so, then, out of focus, he does not hide his basal state of mind. It is not a question here of subjecting it to third degree. Judges have the Hearing. But, at a regulatory antiviral distance of a meter and a half

The legendary Antonio Alcántara from Cuéntame He seems a man as proud professionally as he is intimately devastated. When we say goodbye, he offers a future coffee to chat without ambiguity or witnesses Pending remains.

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